Home Education and us. #100waystohomeed #100daysofhomeed #lovehomeed 

I wouldn’t like to fit a name to our style of home educating as it has changed so much over the years. We home educate our son, 13 and his 8 year old sister. Our youngest has just started home ed and is loving it. She has suddenly remembered that learning new things is really exciting and not boring. She was doing fine at school academically, but became increasingly tired and always seemed to be poorly with the latest bug. We had been home educating our eldest for five years. He had health problems and extra needs which made it impossible for him to deal with the school environment. While our daughter was happy in school we straddled both worlds but now that she is home educated too we are all together which benefits the children no end.

A week for us involves work books on maths, English, science, French and for our eldest biology and food technology.  Our youngest goes to forest school, board games group and multi sports. Both are learning an instrument through weekly guitar and keyboard lessons . They attend a weekly workshop where they are working towards Art Award Explore run by Trinity College. Our eldest has skiing lessons and is starting an online photography diploma course. Our youngest does ballet. STEM Science course, book club and  study group just about fill us to capacity. And somehow on top of that our youngest is begging for horse riding lessons as well.

The best thing about home education is that it can be adapted  to suit our children both educationally and socially. They have the freedom to learn and grow in a way that suits them. Their education adapts to them instead of them having to adapt to it.

The hardest thing about home education for me is fitting everything in. There is so much available in an ever growing home ed community that there will always be classes, groups, trips social events that clash.


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